Some impressions of the event

This is a "tree"!

many more pictures here!
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To let you browse comfortably, all movie clips have been moved to their own page. The pages with photos of the day provide links to these pages, so you can control whether or ot you wish to see a movie clip. This site contains QuickTime movies.Click here to get the required plugins.

And just so you know Murphy exists... (or watch the whole week).

These pages are a personal impression of Robert. I'm prepared to amend them with some of your photos and comments which you can send to me by e-mail but obviously I will reserve judgement. I would especially be grateful for some identification of people appearing in the photos and clips: I did not have time to find all their names and affiliations.

You can find more images here.

And of course, I'll be grateful to anyone who reports any errors in links or anything else.

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