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The Fair


For Physics On Stage, both floors of CERN's main building were transformed into a lively and colourful physics teaching fair. Delegates of the festival and passers-by played with the Slovakian "Schola Ludus" display: hand-made tubes in wooden frames that showed fluid phenomena in a fun and original way. A group of Portuguese students demonstrated chaos theory with a water wheel, the Polish delegation decorated their stand with gingerbread hearts reading "E = mc2" , and Austrian delegates took a walk of the fair with their spider-like robots which were steered via the internet by their colleagues in Vienna.

Each participating country had a stand to display their best projects and ideas, selected through the national events. A constant stream of visitors made their way through the fascinating and highly creative diplays. This was where the spirit of Physics On Stage manifested itself most clearly: delegates constantly exchanged their views, originated ideas for projects and made new contacts.

Dr. Philippe Busquin, European Commissioner for Research, spent several hours at the festival. His active involvement and obvious enjoyment of the fair were a great source of motivation and inspiration for the participants as well as for the organisational team. The European Commission and the Directors-General of ESA, ESO and CERN, who also visited the festival, demonstrated strong political support to the Physics on Stage Festival and its outcome.

The variety and originality of the exhibits and experiments is impossible to summarise - take a look at the picture pages to get a better impression!

Distribution of Stands

CERN main building, ground floor.
CERN main building, first floor.
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6-11 Nov 2000 - CERN
Physics On Stage Live!

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