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6-11 Nov 2000 - CERN

The performances were the events that actually put physics on the stage: jugglers demonstrating the way gravity works, a play about antimatter or a concert demonstrating physics in music are only a few examples of the spectacular shows.

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Here is a quick summary of the performances ...

Austria - Wallking Robots
A performance charting the development of some spider-like walking robots by
some students from Spengergasse in Austria.
Monday 6th, 11:00

Belgium - Cera una volta.... Volta

Volta explains to a young amateur how he was led to the discovery of the
voltaic battery.
Wednesday 8th, 16:00

France - What a Wonderful World
Exploring the mysteries solved by quantum physics and astrophysics through
dance, acrobatics and aerial displays.
Tuesday 7th, 19:00

Germany - The Name of Fame
Replicating 3 classic electrostatic experiments.
Monday 6th, 11:45

Germany - A Top, a Buoy and a Ping-Pong Ball
An interactive show involving experiments on angular momentum, aerodynamics
and buoyant forces.
Thursday 9th, 16:30

Ireland - Movers and Shakers
Using live performance of traditional Irish and world music to explain the
principles behind the physics of music.
Tuesday 7th, 9:15

Netherlands - The Circus of Physics

A theatrical performance showing a number of surprising physical phenomenon.
Tuesday 7th, 8:30

Poland - The Physics of Ping Pong

Explanation of the physics behind ping-pong with live demonstrations.
Wednesday 8th, 16:45

Switzerland - The Oracle of Delphi
An insight into the world of antimatter incorporating mime, music and
Monday 6th, 19:00

United Kingdom - Musical Squares
An audio-visual exploration of the many aspects of sound and hearing.
Thursday 9th, 15:00


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