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6-11 Nov 2000 - CERN

Take a look at the photo pages for some pictures of the presentations.

Bulgaria The two faces of Physics (Ivan J. Lalov) Monday 6th, 15:00
Italy The Magic of Chemistry and Physics (Guido Pegna) Wednesday 8th, 14:00


Light and Colour (Harri Montonen) Tuesday 7th, 14:30
France Bar des sciences (Daniel Raichvarg) Wednesday 8th, 15:00
Germany The Physics of Flying (Wolfgang Send) Thursday 9th, 11:00
Germany Perpetual Motion (Gernot Born) Tuesday 7th, 15:00
Netherlands The wonders of Speed (Tim Scholten & Tonny Hofstetter) Tuesday 7th, 17:00
Netherlands Physics from Heaven to Earth (Peter Uylings) Thursday 9th, 12:00
Poland The rotating System (J. Jarosz) Monday 6th, 16:00
Portugal Life and Death of a particle (Amelia Maio) Tuesday 7th, 14:00
Slovak Republic Scola Ludus (Katarina Teplanova) Tuesday 7th, 16:00
Spain Physics with computers (Angel Franco) Tuesday 7th, 16:30
Spain Recreational Physics (Miguel Cabrerizo) Monday 6th, 14:00
Sweden Aurora: Physics Alive (Lars Ake Holmgren) Wednesday 8th, 14:30
Switzerland Acoustic Lenses (B. Schaeren) Thursday 9th, 11:30
United Kingdom Revitalizing Physics Education (Jon Ogborn) Monday 6th, 14:30



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