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The Final Event was a resounding success! Over 500 people came from 22 countries to CERN and took part in an inspiring week of activities that showed how physics can be fun, as well as challenging. The participants formulated recommendations to suggest improvements to the way physics is taught. A proceedings document containing the outcome will be available in December 2000. In the meantime, a summary report will be published here soon.

The final proceedings document will be made available before Christmas - keep an eye on this site for further details! If anyone has documents about their presentations at the fair, comments on the presentations and performances or notes from the workshops, please forward them to Helen Wilson, to ensure a comprehensive and representative summary.

List of participants: if you attended the Physics On Stage festival, please contact your National Steering Committee or Helen Wilson for a copy of the participants list.


What is Physics on Stage?

Physics on Stage is a physics teaching fair that was held at CERN in Geneva from November 6 to 10, 2000.
More than 500 physics educators from 22 countries all across Europe gathered to show, discuss, and invent new ways of teaching physics and making the subject more interesting for schoolchildren and the general public. Physics on Stage is a Europe-wide programme in connection with the European Week for Science and Technology 2000. It was carried out by an international consortium headed by CERN, ESA and ESO and was partially funded by the European Commission, under the programme Raising Public Awareness of Science and Technology, as part of the 5th Framework Programme.

Physics on Stage comprised four main activities: a fair, performances, presentations, and workshops. At the fair, each country displayed educative material and projects. The performances were spectacular shows with artists from different countries, each dealing with a different aspect of physics and literally bringing it on stage. The presentations served as plenary sessions of the conference, where selected school projects and innovative ideas had the floor. Finally, small workshops discussed problems and designed solutions. This series of high-profile physics-related activities informed the European public in general and European high school physics teachers and media representatives in particular about innovative ways to convey information about physics and the intimate connection of this natural science with our daily lives. This effort was undertaken on the background of a progressively deteriorating state of physics literacy among the European population at all levels.

For more information, please go to the Physics On Stage pages at ESTEC


Physics On Stage Live!
6-11 Nov 2000 - CERNOrganizers

Schedule of the Week (click here for printable week programme table)

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  Saturday 4 Sunday 5 Monday 6 Tuesday 7 Wednesday 8 Thursday 9 Friday 10  

Arrival of


of the
stands in
the Fair

PoS trailer Performance #4 (NL) Fair Workshops session #3 Workshops Results and Discussion 08:30
:45 Opening :45
09:00 09:00
:15 Keynote #1 Performance #5 (IR) :15
:30 :30
:45 :45
10:00 Addresses Fair Fair Fair Fair 10:00
:15 Fair :15
:30 :30
:45 :45
11:00 Performance #1 (AU) Workshops session #1 Workshops session #2 Presentation #14 (DE) Workshops Results and Discussion 11:00
:15 :15
:30 Presentation #15 (CH) :30
:45 Performance #2 (D) :45
12:00 Presentation #16 (NL) 12:00
:15 :15
:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch at the fair Lunch :30
:45 :45
13:00 13:00
:15 :15
:30 Fair :30
:45 :45
14:00 Presentation #1 (ES) Presentation #5 (PT) Presentation #11 (IT) Keynote #2 14:00
:15 :15
:30 Presentation #2 (UK) Presentation #6 (FI) Presentation #12 (SE)


:45 Addresses Voting :45
15:00 Visit of
Presentation #3 (BG) Presentation #7 (DE) Presentation #13 (FR) 15:00
:15 Performance #9 (UK) Closing :15
:30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break END :30
:45 :45
16:00 Presentation #4 (PL) Presentation #8 (SK) Performance #7 (BE) 16:00
:15 Coffee break :15
:30 Workshop preparation Presentation #9 (ES) Performance #10 (D) :30
:45 Performance #8 (PL) :45
17:00 Presentation #10 (NL) 17:00
:15 :15
:30 Free time   Free time :30
:45 Free time :45
18:00 18:00
:15 :15
:30 :30
:45 :45
19:00 Talk by Alvaro de Rujula Performance #3 (CH) Performance #6 (FR) Dinner 19:00
:15   :15
:30 :30
:45 :45
20:00       The physics Chanteuse 20:00
:15 :15
:30 Buses Buses :30

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